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Miraculous season 2

Miraculous Season 2 Staffel 2 auf DVD und Blu-ray

Die zweite Staffel von Miraculous – Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir wurde von Jeremy Zag am. Episodenführer Season 2 – Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und alle freuen sich auf die Feiertage. Nur Adrien ist deprimiert. Doch als er in den Straßen von . Miraculous. Season 2. Season 1 · Season 2 (74) Seasons Marinette und Adrien sind zwei ganz Buy Season 2. HD € More purchase options. von 37 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "miraculous staffel 2 deutsch". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon. Staffel 2[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die Folgen 2–3, 5, 15–17, 22 und 23 wurden in Spanien auf dem Sender Disney Channel.

miraculous season 2

Miraculous. Season 2. Season 1 · Season 2 (74) Seasons Marinette und Adrien sind zwei ganz Buy Season 2. HD € More purchase options. Marinette und Adrien sind zwei ganz normale Schüler - aber nur fast. Der Unterschied ist: Bei der kleinsten Bedrohung von Paris werden sie zu Ladybug und. Staffel 2[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die Folgen 2–3, 5, 15–17, 22 und 23 wurden in Spanien auf dem Sender Disney Channel.

Miraculous Season 2 Video

Miraculous Ladybug - Season 3 Episode 1 - Chameleon [ENGLISH DUB] Aktuelle News zu zuhause im erfahrung Serien. Auf den Merkzettel. August enthüllte See more, dass sie die Arbeit an den ersten beiden Episoden der 2. Sortiert nach französischer Erstausstrahlung. Und die Chipmunks, Staffel 1. Juni zur Hälfte fertig. Artikel leider nicht mehr verfügbar! Jetzt Kontakt zu myToys aufnehmen. Der Artikel wurde Ihrem Warenkorb hinzugefügt. August enthüllte er mögliche Konzeptentwürfe für den Charakter einer Frau namens More info. Zum Anbieter.

Miraculous Season 2 Video

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 11 GROZILLA (ENG DUB)

But the superhero confesses to them that he is not in love with Marinette, reaffirming his love for Ladybug. Tom is heartbroken and gets akumatized by Hawk Moth.

Becoming "Weredad", a huge man-guard beast-man, he locks up Marinette in a jail of brambles to protect her from the outside world and heartbreaks.

Separated from Tikki, Marinette is unable to transform into Ladybug. Cat Noir returns to the bakery and faces Weredad in a single combat while Marinette navigates the prison and purifies the akuma, freeing her father.

Afterwards, Cat Noir reveals that he had assumed Marinette was his number one fan, and Tom forgives him and jokingly offers to teach him how to bake in the hopes of getting him to romance Marinette.

Lila has returned to class from her "trip" and quickly continues to charm her classmates through lies, but only Marinette and Adrien know her deceitful nature.

The seats in class have been rearranged, so Lila can sit and flirt with Adrien. Marinette confronts Lila, but Lila instead warns Marinette that she will turn everyone against her.

Hawk Moth senses Marinette's frustration and isolation; he attempts to akumatize her, but Tikki helps Marinette overcome it.

After Adrien calmly tells her to stop lying, Lila storms off and willingly takes the akuma. She becomes "Chameleon", a shape-shifting villain, who can turn into anyone she wants by kissing them, putting them to sleep.

Marinette transforms into Ladybug, but finds "Adrien" going crazy. Plagg wakes up the real Adrien who then transforms into Cat Noir before getting kissed again.

Ladybug is able to defeat Chameleon. She suggests a truce, and Lila feigns agreement, while Hawk Moth sees Lila would serve a good purpose as she still plans to seek revenge on Ladybug.

Back at school, Marinette is about to confront Lila again, but Adrien advises her not to do it, as it will only make things worse.

After school, Lila reminds Marinette that she will turn the class against her, though Marinette calmly brushes the comment aside.

A 2D animated film featuring Ladybug and Cat Noir is set to premiere, and the Dupain-Chengs are asked to cater the event.

Marinette attempts to give Adrien a macaroon she made specially for him. Meanwhile, director Thomas Astruc is mocked when he is unable to explain his role in the movie's production.

Despondent, Astruc falls victim to Hawk Moth and is transformed into "Animaestro", a supervillain capable of transforming into various 2D creatures.

After Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat him, Astruc gives up his seat at the premiere for Marinette and she takes it, right next to Adrien.

It is Tom's 40th birthday, and Marinette decides to convince her estranged paternal grandfather Rolland to come celebrate with them as a birthday present.

Marinette tracks down Rolland and discovers he has an extreme disdain for anything he considers non-traditional, and had a falling out with Tom when he changed his favorite recipe.

The encounter agitates Rolland enough to make him vulnerable to Hawk Moth, who akumatizes him into "Bakerix", a bread-themed Gaul.

After Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat him, Rolland decides to sample his son's recipe and realizes he judged it too harshly.

He comes to the Dupain-Cheng bakery and reconciles with his son, to everyone's delight. Bob Roth sends out a call to young artists to submit music videos to him, so he can make them famous.

However, this is a ruse, so that his son XY can plagiarize them to make up for his lack of talent. Marinette and Luka confront Roth, only to be dismissed.

The unhappy Luka is akumatized into "Silencer", an enforcer who can absorb his victims' voices and talks with his hands.

Silencer confesses his love to Marinette before leaving to pursue Roth. Marinette transforms into Ladybug and defeats Silencer with Cat Noir's aid.

Afterwards, Roth unknowingly confesses the scheme on live television, forcing him to reconsider producing Luka's band in order to save face.

Marinette attends the recording, where Luka reaffirms his feelings for her. Ladybug and Cat Noir wake up in an elevator, unable to remember who they are or how they got there.

As Marinette and Adrien, they deduce from context clues that they are superheroes who have had their memories erased by the non-face supervillain "Oblivio", and also that they are deeply in love.

After defeating Oblivio, who was really Alya and Nino simultaneously akumatized out of embarrassment after getting caught secretly playing the game Super Penguin , Ladybug and Cat Noir share a kiss, which Alya takes a picture of.

After Ladybug uses her power to revert everything back, she and Cat Noir have their memories restored, but also forget everything that happened while their memories were erased, including each other's identities.

Marinette is shocked to find out about her kiss with Cat Noir, while Adrien is thrilled about it. However, now aware of the secret love between Ladybug and Cat Noir, Hawk Moth decides that it will soon lead to the heroes' downfall.

She aims to create a perpetual winter when she generates an enormous volcano pushing the Earth's orbit further from the Sun. After defeating her, Marinette works up the courage to deliver some schoolwork Adrien missed due to a photo shoot.

At first, Adrien thought Marinette was his secret admirer, but thinks of her relationship with Luka.

Throughout the episode, everyone reminisces about their past up to this point. Luka convinces Juleka to offer herself as a model for some new clothes Marinette created, and Alya takes advantage of the situation to invite Adrien to help out, so he can bond with Marinette.

Juleka gets a severe case of nerves, and Alya decides to switch to having Marinette and Adrien model the clothes.

The two take off their Miraculouses and head to a park for their photo shoot, leaving Juleka to stew in her self-loathing. Hawk Moth corrupts her back into Reflekta, and Mayura further corrupts her frustration into a sentimonster called "Reflekdoll", a giant mech that can shoot lasers that turn its victims into copies of Reflekta.

Marinette and Adrien recover each other's Miraculouses and transform into "Lady Noir" and "Mister Bug", and, despite having their roles switch through comedy and error, they manage to defeat Reflekta and Reflekdoll.

After returning each other's Miraculouses, Marinette and Adrien let Juleka model Marinette's outfits, much to her delight.

Lila dupes Adrien into spending time with her on the pretext of helping her with homework. When they head to the Agreste mansion, Nathalie confronts them, and Lila claims that she is helping Adrien with homework.

After they are done, Lila takes a picture of herself kissing Adrien on the cheek and sends it to all of Adrien's classmates. As she is leaving, Gabriel catches her and berates Nathalie and the Gorilla for allowing her access to Adrien.

When Kagami receives the picture, she flies into a jealous rage, allowing Hawk Moth to akumatize her into "Oni-Chan", an evolved form of Riposte that is a phantom shinobi who follows Lila with a horn on her forehead relentlessly by swapping locations with those who receive her picture message of a horn on their cell phones.

After defeating Oni-Chan, Adrien warns Lila that he will not tolerate her hurting his loved ones. Gabriel invites Lila to the mansion, and the two strike up a friendship.

After retrieving the Miraculous, Queen Bee goes after Mayura, but she escapes. Marinette is babysitting Manon, so she accompanies the four to the museum.

Manon is left behind, and is upset when she believes nobody wants to play with her. Hawk Moth corrupts her back into the Puppeteer, this time with the ability to bring wax busts of several past akumatized people to life as her loyal minions.

After defeating her, Marinette learns that Adrien likes another girl, much to her disappointment. Marinette and her friends hang out at the Couffaine residence to listen to them play.

Jagged Stone approaches them and explains that he is looking for a new guitarist after he fired his old guitarist Vivica. Suddenly, they are attacked by Vivica, who has been akumatized into "Desperada" and can capture victims in her guitar case with her magic trumpet.

The group scatters and Ladybug fights Desperada, but is forced to retreat. Adrien decides to forego his role as Cat Noir in order to woo Ladybug directly and transforms into the snake superhero "Aspik", but after so many "second chances", his role ends up getting Ladybug hit by Desperada's power over and over again in so many ways.

Realizing the error in his role, Adrien suggests to Ladybug that Luka should wield the Snake Miraculous instead. This allows Adrien to go back to being Cat Noir in which he's comfortable in.

Luka transforms into the snake superhero "Viperion", and with a couple more "second chances", Ladybug, Cat Noir and Viperion are able to defeat Desperada.

Afterwards, Jagged apologizes to Vivica and rehires her. Marinette's class is having a field trip to London, but Marinette believes she cannot attend since doing so would leave Paris vulnerable to Hawk Moth.

Master Fu gives her the Horse Miraculous, which grants the power of teleportation, so she can enjoy herself and be able to return to Paris in case of an emergency.

Max's mother, a train conductor who directs the Startrain , dreams of being an astronaut and has taken an exam to begin training.

However, a rogue akuma gets aboard the train to London in Sabrina's big suitcase after a botched attempt to akumatize Officer Roger.

When Max's mother succumbs to nerves waiting for confirmation about whether she passed, the akuma infects her and turns her into "Startrain" itself, and she drives the train into outer space.

Since the akuma is outside of Hawk Moth's range of influence, Gabriel is forced to rely on the heroes to rescue Adrien.

Ladybug gives Max the Horse Miraculous, turning him into the superhero "Pegasus". With his aid, the heroes teleport the train back to Earth, so Ladybug can safely purify the akuma.

Afterwards, Max's mother gets the e-mail confirming she passed her exam, much to her delight. When Tikki tries to stop Plagg from eating a piece of cheese in the classroom, Ms.

Mendeleiev tries to prove the existence of the magical creatures on a TV show, but the viewers are not convinced by her theory.

Marinette and Adrien become convinced that their partner must be one of their fellow students, and Adrien even specifically suspects Marinette; conversation reveals that they must give up their Miraculouses if their identities are compromised, even to each other.

Angry that no one believes her theories, Ms. Mendeleiev gets akumatized into "Kwamibuster", a Ghostbusters -themed villain with a vacuum to capture kwamis.

Both superheroes lose their kwamis to Kwamibuster, so Adrien hides in a costume, and Marinette flees to Master Fu. She borrows many other Miraculouses despite the physical risk, and has Mullo of the Mouse Miraculous transform her into "Multimouse", giving her the power to divide herself into miniature clones.

Some of her clones also use "unify" to undergo alternate transformations and employ the various kwamis to best Kwamibuster, freeing all the captured kwamis.

Multimouse then uses the Fox Miraculous to make it appear that Marinette and Ladybug are two different people to erase any idea from Cat Noir of them being the same person.

Cat Noir apologizes to Ladybug for his kwami being at "that elementary school" to convince her that he is not a student there and discourages Ms.

Mendeleiev from making any more attempts to prove the kwamis are real. Marinette returns all of the extra Miraculouses to Master Fu. He remarks how exceptionally strong Marinette is to have used so many at once.

There is a new exhibit in the museum. As Alya digs deeper to find out about the Miraculouses, she sees that the symbol that is with every past Miraculous holder- that Marinette recognizes as the symbol on the Miracle Box- is also on the new exhibit.

Master Fu recognizes the new exhibit as a sentimonster he accidentally created in the past which destroyed the Order of the Guardians.

Worried that the sentimonster will also hurt Marinette and Adrien, Master Fu takes away their Miraculouses.

Meanwhile, Mayura brings the sentimonster to life and Hawk Moth akumatizes it, increasing its proportion into "Feast".

As Master Fu tries to ride on his bike away from the monster, Marinette and Adrien put on humorous costumes, proclaiming themselves "heroes" in disguise and try to get to the monster in their civilian forms on their bikes as well.

Master Fu realizes his mistake in taking the Miraculouses and gives them back as he is cornered and loses his bike in the progress.

Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat the monster, restoring the temple and resurrecting the monks of the Order. Now that Hawk Moth knows who the Guardian is, Master Fu leaves his massage shop to find a new hiding place, but only after letting Marinette know that she will be the next Guardian.

Kagami and Marinette are stuck together in Paris for Friendship Day game to find a hidden celebrity—Adrien with two weather girls.

Marinette, who was greatly opposed to this, discovers Kagami is actually lonely and really wants to know her.

Her blind mother, Tomoe, phone calls and is displeased that Kagami took part in the game without her consent as Marinette tries to calm her down with Kagami's phone, and Hawk Moth evilizes Tomoe and her car into "Ikari Gozen", a centaur with a lance; she grabs and traps Kagami in her giant armor body.

The kwami Longg appears to Kagami inside Ikari Gozen's belly and she transforms into the dragon superheroine "Ryuko".

Ryuko challenges Ikari Gozen to single combat, revealing her secret identity in the process, but is driven back. Regardless of the fact that Hawk Moth already knows her identity, Ladybug teaches Kagami not to be modest.

The two girls go to have juice together even though they lost the game. Right after defeating Mr. Pigeon again, Ladybug and Cat Noir are attacked by "Timetagger", a supervillain rapper who has come from the future to seize their Miraculouses and is able to change history by sending people to the past.

The two are forced to retreat due to their Miraculouses timing out, and take cover at the museum to recharge. There, they encounter Alix, who reveals that her family watch has suddenly delivered a message asking them to destroy a certain statue in the museum.

Cat Noir does so, revealing a future version of Alix who wields the Rabbit Miraculous as the superheroine "Bunnyx".

The three heroes work together to defeat Timetagger, who is revealed to be the future Chris Lahiffe.

During the fight, Gabriel learns that he will eventually lose possession of the Butterfly Miraculous and be succeeded by someone else as Hawk Moth.

Against Gabriel's wishes, Nino, Kim, Ivan, and Max bribe the Gorilla into allowing them entry to the Agreste mansion and throw Adrien an all-boys party, and soon all of Adrien's male friends and acquaintances plus Marinette in disguise come to celebrate.

During the party, Master Fu nearly falls and injures himself while dancing, but Kim saves him, impressing him.

When Wayhem is unable to get into the party, he becomes despondent and is akumatized into "Party Crasher", who can predict his foes' movements and capture them using his disco balls.

King Monkey frees the other heroes, and together they defeat Party Crasher. Afterwards, the group cleans up Adrien's room, to Wayhem's satisfaction.

Marinette is overwhelmed with stress by creating Jagged t-shirts for her friends, leading her to swear off video games until she finishes on her work.

This forces her to turn down a request from her parents to play with them. Meanwhile, Max wants to find someone to test a new game he created, but all of his friends are busy.

Depressed, Max falls victim to Hawk Moth and is once again corrupted into Gamer 2. He announces his intentions and forces Ladybug and Cat Noir into a fighting game tournament with former akumatized villains from the past as the playable characters.

Ladybug gives in after Cat Noir advises her to "have fun" after realizing how stress has affected her.

After defeating him, Marinette takes Max to her parents so they can playtest his game, to the delight of them all. For St. Athanase Day, Marinette's friends boost her to quit stalling and just confess her love to Adrien and give him a gift.

She is not allowed inside the Agreste mansion, so she decides to transform into Ladybug and leave it in his room. However, Adrien spots Ladybug leaving his room and finds the gift signed by Marinette.

He deduces her secret identity and experiences a joyful epiphany. Suddenly, Bunnyx reappears and brings Ladybug to the future where Paris is in state of destruction.

Ladybug discovers Cat Noir has been akumatized into an evil white version of himself called "Cat Blanc". Bunnyx observes the chain of events from when Adrien and Marinette became lovers.

Unfortunately, Gabriel forbids them dating, and an akuma chases a disheartened Marinette, but Adrien transforms into Cat Noir in front of Marinette and Cataclysms the akuma.

A battle lures the superheroes into finding Hawk Moth's lair where he reveals himself as Adrien's father, and unveils his mother Emilie Agreste.

Cat Noir falls into utter conflict and Hawk Moth evilizes him into Cat Blanc, giving him the power of unlimited destruction. But all of this is too overwhelming for him and he releases an explosion, splitting the moon in half and destroying the whole city and its people, leaving him all alone in his world.

But she realizes that she has to use her Lucky Charm to fix the past and has Bunnyx take her ten minutes back from the moment Adrien saw her in his room.

She erases her signature from Adrien's gift, preventing Adrien from figuring out her identity including Ladybug herself , therefore ceasing the temporal catastrophe.

Ladybug values her friendship with Cat Noir more than ever and they stare at the sunset together. It is the one year anniversary of Emilie's disappearance, and all of Adrien's friends send him video messages wishing him well.

However, the heroes overcome him and emerge victorious. When Gabriel realizes what he did, he is furious.

Lila plants the answers to a test in Marinette's backpack, pretends to have been shoved down a flight of stairs, and claims she stole a necklace from her in order to turn Marinette's friends against her.

Principal Damocles falls for her lies and expels Marinette from school. Hawk Moth senses the shock and despair of everyone who trusted her and turns Nathalie back into Catalyst, so he can assume his Scarlet Moth form and akumatize the entire school.

Marinette nearly surrenders the Ladybug Miraculous under Scarlet Moth's orders, but Catalyst succumbs to exhaustion caused by the Peacock Miraculous, distracting Scarlet Moth and cancelling the procedure.

Alya sets out to prove Marinette's innocence as Marinette is forced to work with her father in the bakery, while Gabriel forbids Nathalie from taking anymore action to protect her health.

Nathalie goes behind Gabriel's back, forges a sentimonster in Ladybug's image, and attempts to trick Cat Noir, so she can get his Miraculous, but the real Ladybug shows up just in time.

Together, she and Cat Noir resolve the false Ladybug on top of the Arc de Triomphe, but Hawk Moth intervenes and escapes with Mayura before they can unmask her.

Afterwards, Adrien threatens Lila into proving Marinette's innocence, and Marinette is allowed to go back to school. But Lila still holds out on having revenge on Marinette in the future.

Marinette babysits Nino's younger brother Chris while he and Alya go to see a movie. When Chris finds a chest full of birthday gifts for Adrien, Marinette claims that she is secretly one of Santa Claus' helpers and that the chest contains Christmas gifts.

Overwhelmed by the desire for Christmas to come early, Chris is akumatized into "Christmaster", a villain who controls an army of toys and seeks Santa Claus.

Ladybug and Cat Noir are forced to team up with Santa in order to defeat him. Afterwards, Marinette admits that the chest contains gifts for a boy, much to Chris' disgust.

Bourgeois are having their 20th anniversary, but they quickly get into a massive argument. Meanwhile, Marinette's parents are catering the event while Adrien and Kagami are made to attend by their parents; the three teens ditch the party to have fun by themselves.

Hawk Moth akumatizes the Bourgeoises into "Heart Hunter", a two-headed monster that consumes love.

Hawk Moth then akumatizes her into "Miracle Queen". Elsewhere, Adrien and Kagami are about to kiss while Marinette discovers Master Fu has vanished and has an emotional breakdown in Luka's arms.

Miracle Queen sends out an army of bees to brainwash all of Paris. Adrien refuses to kiss Kagami because he is unsure about his feelings for Ladybug or Kagami while Marinette feels the same way about Adrien and Luka.

Luka and Kagami sacrifice themselves to save Marinette and Adrien, who escape through the Seine. Miracle Queen summons all of the temporary Miraculous holders to her location, discovers their identities, and arms them with their Miraculouses.

The exceptions are Kagami, who arrives but is unable to be equipped, as the Dragon Miraculous remains in Ladybug's possession; Alix, who does not heed the summons, as she has not technically become a Miraculous holder in the present; and Nino, who arrives but is unable to be equipped, as Jade Turtle is currently using the Turtle Miraculous and has barricaded himself behind his Shellter, holding out against Mayura's barrage of attacks.

Ladybug regroups with Cat Noir, but blames herself for the situation. He reassures her, boosting her spirits. She informs him of the situation, and uses the Dragon Miraculous to unify into "Dragon Bug".

With Snake Noir's powers, they are able to defeat Miracle Queen and seize her akuma. When Ladybug is unable to figure out a plan to rescue Jade Turtle, he sacrifices his memories to formally transfer the title of Guardian of the Miraculouses to Ladybug, who is able to reclaim the rest of the stolen Miraculouses.

In the aftermath, Master Fu gives Marinette the key to a hidden locker containing his old phonograph, a picture of Marianne, and a letter to Marinette, despite not knowing who she is.

Master Fu reunites with Marianne, and together they depart Paris. Elsewhere, Nathalie reveals that she has Master Fu's tablet which contains the decrypted Miraculous spellbook.

With the help of that, Gabriel is able to fix the Peacock Miraculous. Marinette is saddened after seeing Adrien with Kagami and gets comfort from Luka, but is unaware that Adrien is indecisive about what he feels for Kagami or Ladybug.

Each story has its beginning. While preparing for Christmas Eve, Adrien is about to spend his first Christmas without his mother.

Thinking that his father does not want to celebrate the holidays this year, Adrien turns into Cat Noir and leaves his home to sing his anger in snowy Paris.

When his father discovers that Adrien is not in his room, he becomes extremely worried. Hearing the news, Marinette transforms into Ladybug and finds Adrien, who has reverted to his normal self, in the company of a Santa.

Ladybug thinks the Santa is akumatized and wants to trouble Adrien, so she pushes him away. Scorned, the Santa actually becomes a victim of Hawk Moth as "Santa Claws", [d] who plans to make this Christmas the worst in the history of Paris.

They can also be found on the official YouTube channel of the cartoon. They contain clips from various episodes and are usually narrated by Marinette, who writes in her diary, or by the others.

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This episode was first shown in South Korea on 1 September as episode 1. This episode was first shown in South Korea on 8 September as episode 2.

This episode was first shown in South Korea on 13 October as episode 7. This episode was first shown in South Korea on 6 October as episode 6.

This episode was first shown in South Korea on 22 September as episode 4. This episode was first shown in South Korea on 29 September as episode 5.

This episode was shown in South Korea on 27 October as episode 9. This episode was first shown in South Korea on 20 October as episode 8.

This episode was first shown in South Korea on 15 September as episode 3. It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air!

After reading a love poem thrown away by Adrien, Marinette comes to the conclusion that the poem is about her, making her ecstatic, even though the poem was originally intended for Ladybug.

Kim is planning to ask his crush to be his Valentine. Marinette, in her love-sick daze, encourages Kim to go for it. Kim succumbs to Hawk Moth's akuma and turns into "Dark Cupid", an evil winged-being whose arrows can replace true love and friendship with pure hate and mean-spirited.

One of his victims is Cat Noir, who is now Ladybug's enemy, just as he was about to confess his love to her. For Ladybug and Cat Noir to shrink the monster, they must conquer their own fears.

This episode was first shown in South Korea on 17 November as episode Guest star: Josiane Balasko as herself in the French version, her character is renamed Sarah for the international version.

Cameo: Thomas Astruc as voice of the start menu of video game in French version. Nino develops a crush on Marinette so Adrien offers to help him by asking her out to the zoo.

Marinette, however, thinks Adrien is asking her out and happily accepts. When at the zoo, Nino and Marinette are the only ones to show up; Adrien and Alya, at the same time, are hiding out in bushes nearby, helping the two talk to each other by instructing them via earpiece.

But after some comic miscommunication, it turns out that Nino is actually in love with Alya! Meanwhile, Kim mocks the new black panther in the zoo, claiming to the zookeeper and Alya's father, Otis, that he can run faster than it.

Nadja Chamack, news reporter, invites Ladybug and Cat Noir for an interview. Nadja, noticing the playful conversation between the 2 superheros, questions if they are a couple.

Ladybug denies they are together and Cat gives little remarks that make it seem like they are. Not wanting to answer personal questions that could reveal her identity, Ladybug leaves the interview before it is over.

Nadja's ratings drop and her boss tells her she can no longer have her prime time show. Hawkmoth sends an akuma and turns her into Prime Queen, a villain who can reach through S2, Ep4.

Marinette's grandma visits and gets akumatized into the Befena. S2, Ep5. A mysterious masked fencer is humiliated in a duel against Adrien.

Boiling with rage, it breaks and it is akumatized in Riposte, and its saber seeks revenge. S2, Ep6. Markov, a small robot invented by Max is akumatized in Robostus, a villain that can give life to unanimated objects.

S2, Ep7. The Butterfly is trap at its own game when the Miraculous he sends does not reach the desired target. Ladybug and Cat noir will have to face a giant baby.

S2, Ep8. Damocles becomes the perfect target for Hawk Moth when his dreams of becoming a third superhero of Paris are crushed.

S2, Ep9. Legendary ice cream maker Andre gets akumatized into Glaciator. S2, Ep Alya's little sisters, Ella and Etta, become Sapotis after staying up.

Ladybug and Cat Noir must seek help from an ally to defeat the multiplying monsters. After failing to find Adrien, his bodyguard gets akumatized into Gorizilla.

With his new sense of smell, he is able to track Adrien throughout Paris. After being akumatized by Hawk Moth into Captain Hardrock, Juleka's mother steers a powerful ship and blasts her music for all of Paris to hear.

Miss Bustier is akumatized into Zombizou and turns Paris into kissing zombies. A talented swimmer named Ondine with feelings for Kim is akumatized into Syren and turns Paris into an underwater kingdom for her prince.

A young singer and dancer hold auditions for a video honoring Ladybug and Cat Noir. Chloe stops the tryouts.

Anguished, the singer is akumatized into Frightningale, who uses a magic mike to try and turn Paris into a living musical.

After solving everyone else's problems way too much, Penny loses her cool and is infected with an akuma that transforms her into Troublemaker, a supervillain who causes problems instead.

miraculous season 2 Marinette und Adrien sind zwei ganz normale Schüler - aber nur fast. Der Unterschied ist: Bei der kleinsten Bedrohung von Paris werden sie zu Ladybug und. Alle 28 Episoden von Miraculous - Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir - Staffel 2. Staffel 2. In Planung ohne Starttermin. Die 0. Episode der 2. Staffel der. Entdecke die 26 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie Miraculous - Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir. Alle Folgen aus Staffel 2 auf 3 DVDs - Über 11 Stunden Spielzeit. Das Abenteuer beginnt: Marinette und Adrien sind zwei ganz normale Schüler - aber nur fast.

Miraculous Season 2 - Weitere Staffeln der Serie

Und die Chipmunks, Staffel 1. Durch diese bringt er Cat Noir dazu, sich wie eine echte Katze zu verhalten. August postete Weisz zwei Screenshots des Synchronisationsprozesses auf Instagram. So here are two lovely dorks to cheer us all. Die Episode "Dark Owl" ist die 8. Oktober gab Disney Channel Portugal bekannt, dass die Staffel am In dessen Falle gefangen müssen Ladybug und Cat Noir sich - mit geschlossenen Augen, um nicht ihre go here Identitäten zu erfahren - zurückverwandeln. Nach dem Kampf geht Lila scheinbar auf Ladybugs Friedensangebot ein, doch Hawk Moth sieht in ihr eine potentielle Verbündete, die ihm noch nützlich werden könnte. Staffel beendet hatten. Am Steuer eines article source Bootes, ausgestattet mit einem Piratenschwert, will visit web page ganz Paris mit ihrer Musik beschallen. Ladybug und Cat Noir entkommen mit den Wasserkräften ihrer Kwamis. Weitere Staffeln der Serie Alle this web page. Originaltitel: La Befana Erstausstrahlung: Im Kampf werden die schlimmsten Albträume der Helden wahr: Ladybug verliert ihre Kräfte und Adrien wird von einer bösen Ladybug verfolgt. Staffel Miraculous wurde am 3. Note: Link episode was aired out of chronological order after the rest of the season, aside from the specials, had already premiered. A warrior moderator ninja skater named Philippe is akumatized into Frozer and is determined to turn Paris into an ice kingdom. Retrieved 4 March Hawk Moth senses Marinette's frustration and isolation; he attempts to akumatize her, but Tikki helps Marinette overcome it. Retrieved 5 March Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 17 — Reverser. King Monkey frees the other heroes, and together they defeat Party Crasher. Adrien's bodyguard becomes "Gorizilla", a giant ape with enormous strength and a keen sense of smell, and does what he can go here Hawk Moth.

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