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The clapper

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Eddie Krumble verdient sein Geld damit, in Fernsehstudios zu sitzen und auf Anweisung der Regisseure im richtigen Moment zu klatschen. Eddies Leben ist monoton, einzig und allein eine Romanze mit einer Tankwärtin bringt etwas Aufregung in seinen. Nach dem Tod seiner Frau zieht Eddie Krumble nach Los Angeles und wird dort zum bezahlten Studiogast bei Dauerwerbesendungen und TV-Live-Shows. The Clapper Kritik: 10 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu The Clapper. The Clapper. 1 Std. 30 klubbneat.seische Filme. Ein Neuankömmling in L.A. erringt einen Job als bezahlter Zuschauer in Dauerwerbesendungen. The Clapper ein Film von Dito Montiel mit Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried. Inhaltsangabe: Eddie (Ed Helms) und sein Freund Chris (Tracy.

the clapper

The Clapper. 1 Std. 30 klubbneat.seische Filme. Ein Neuankömmling in L.A. erringt einen Job als bezahlter Zuschauer in Dauerwerbesendungen. Hier erfährst du, bei welchen Anbietern du The Clapper streamen kannst! Natürlich haben wir auch viele weitere Infos zu The Clapper für dich. „The Clapper“, USA, Regie: Dito Montiel; Drehbuch: Dito Montiel; Vorlage: Dito Montiel; Musik: Jimmy Haun, David Wittman Darsteller. View Toggo music Photos 4. Https:// this Rating Title: The Clapper 5. An emotional Eddie admits that he misses his late wife and that he loves Judy, who happens to see the segment while she is pumping gas learn more here night. The Politician. Conceptually speaking, I like the it. December 25, Rita Victor Https://

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The Clapper Review: As Seen on TV Classic! Besetzung und Stab von The Clapper, Regisseur: Dito Montiel. Besetzung: Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Russell Peters, Tracy Morgan. „The Clapper“, USA, Regie: Dito Montiel; Drehbuch: Dito Montiel; Vorlage: Dito Montiel; Musik: Jimmy Haun, David Wittman Darsteller. Suchergebnis auf für: the clapper. Bild nicht verfügbar. Keine Abbildung vorhanden für. Farbe: The Clapper - As Seen On TV by The Clapper. Für eine größere Ansicht klicken Sie auf das Bild. The Clapper: Ein Film von Dito Montiel mit Ed Helms und Amanda Seyfried. Weitere Informationen zu diesem und anderen Filmen auf!

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Rate This. Director: Dito Montiel. Writer: Dito Montiel. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

Related News Taraji P. Tribeca Spotlight Narrative. Tribeca Features. Films Cannes. Share this Rating Title: The Clapper 5.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Ed Helms Eddie Krumble Amanda Seyfried Judy Tracy Morgan Chris Adam Levine Ranter Russell Peters Stillerman Mickey Gooch Jr.

Yugoslavia Todd Giebenhain Tambakis Leah Remini Producer Louise P. Caldwell Brenda Vaccaro Ida Krumble Mori Taylor Gladys Greg Vrotsos Hercules Karesh Gloria Sandoval Rita Victor A.

Alfie Rogelio T. Learn more More Like This. Like Father Comedy Drama. Carrie Pilby The Last Word Father Figures Found Narratives The Polka King Biography Comedy Drama.

Father of the Year A Futile and Stupid Gesture Biography Comedy. The Fundamentals of Caring Holy Moses With no other choice, Eddie embarks into the world of late-night TV on a quest to hunt down his lost love.

Comedy, Romance. Dito Montiel. Mar 6, Ed Helms as Eddie Krumble. Amanda Seyfried as Judy. Tracy Morgan as Chris. Adam Levine. Russell Peters.

January 26, Full Review…. January 25, Full Review…. January 23, Rating: 2. View All Critic Reviews May 23, Disappointing comedy with an unlikable main character and a rather uninteresting premise.

Every scene with Seyfried is a delight but unfortunately there are long sequences in between that are neither on point nor particularly funny.

The attempt to comment on the short moments of fame some internet sensations get to enjoy remains entirely superficial.

Jens S Super Reviewer. May 12, Talk about an unfortunate name for this movie. Sounds like a rejected idea for a superhero, one who goes around giving gonorrhea wherever he goes.

Seriously though, what motivates a person to name their movie this when, for the most part, they will have been unfamiliar with the book it is based on and their mind will, probably, go where mine went.

Obviously, I never expected this to be a movie about a superhero with VD and I doubt anyone else will expect that either, but it's just a silly title regardless.

Moving on, however. There's this rule, and it's one that I agree with, and that is that books are better than the movies based around them.

That's obviously the case, because there is more freedom with a book and definitely far less restrictions. As far as I know, the books industry does not have an entity like the MPAA for movies, which assigns ratings to books based on how 'appropriate' they are for a certain age group and forces writers to remove scenes they might find unacceptable.

I mean, I'm certain there's still pressure around authors from their editors and publishing companies, but still. There's far more creative leeway when you're writing a book.

When a film based on a book falls short, there might be any number of reasons for that failure, whether creatively or successfully.

One of those reasons may just be a weak script that doesn't capture the tone of the book, wrong choice of directors or just simply poor casting.

But it's another issue entirely when the writer and director of the film is also the man who, in fact, wrote the book that it is based on.

When a film fails even though it has the guy who wrote the book at the helm, what do you even call that??? Perhaps that's harsh of me to say, but I don't think there's anything to this movie at all.

Conceptually speaking, I like the it. Guy who does a lot of infomercial spots, as part of the audience, is suddenly thrust into the spotlight by this talk-show host wanting to find out who he is and getting him to make an appearance on his show.

The movie deals with the consequences of this talk show's host And I like that because, Eddie himself has no desire to be famous. This is just a job to him.

Might be an embarrassing one to tell people about, but it's his job nonetheless. He's not using this to, hopefully, gain entrance into Hollywood, he just needs the cash.

And that's fine, I like that, gives a more small-scale approach and keeps the character grounded. Like I said, the movie deals with the consequences of his becoming a 'phenomenon', so to speak.

His closest friend gets fired from his job, also as part of the audience, his girlfriend also gets fired from her job, etc, etc.

Basically, they're making his life a living hell. The problem is, however, that the movie really isn't that funny. And you could make the argument that the movie is meant to satirize modern culture and how we're looking for the next big thing.

What I mean by that, is that with the digital age, you go viral and you're gone almost as quickly because, by the time you've had to deal with your "success", another new thing or person comes along and you're pushed to the wayside.

But I don't feel like that's something the movie even remotely touched on, like at all. The thing is, however, that without that aspect of the age we're living in, it becomes increasingly difficult to buy into the film's concept.

There's just no way that the producers at this talk show would have enough patience to just wait for Eddie to finally come by the show of his own accord.

They're looking for the next big ratings grab and the fact that the movie is completely centered around this one show and their exhaustive search to find Eddie is a little preposterous.

Again, I doubt that they'd have as much patience as they did. If this were real, the producers would be like 'ok, this guy isn't coming in, let's bring in Grumpy Cat instead'.

Plus, not to mention that, again, our culture is such that we move on very quickly. I'm not saying that's a bad or good thing, I'm just saying that we consume media much more quickly than in the past.

Nobody will remember that Yodeling Kid from Walmart by the end of this year. That's not the kid's fault or anything of the sort, it's just the way the internet age has influenced our lives.

I suppose you could make the argument that I should just suspend my disbelief. But, that's the thing, I couldn't.

I could never pretend that anything I was watching was real, because the movie doesn't do a great job at making you so invested in these characters that you care about their plight.

Eddie Krumble is a likable guy. But he's also really bland as a character. Everything about the guy is about how what's happening to him is affecting those around him and his budding romance with Judy.

There's a bit of backstory with Eddie and his wife who's now deceased and I wish the movie would have given you more about his past than just using that as a plot device for Eddie's big, emotional speech at the end, when his mother storms the talk show and chastises the host and the producers for exploiting her son.

It just feels forced. It doesn't feel like a part of who Eddie Krumble is as a character, because, again, they only use for this one big scene so Ed Helms can get his Oscar moment.

Not that I think Ed Helms thought this was gonna get him an Oscar nomination, but I just mean that it's meant to show his range a little.

I like Ed Helms, he's really good, but I just didn't buy this whole emotional speech. It just didn't feel earned.

Amanda Seyfried is always good, but her character's romance with Eddie feels too much like indie quirk to me. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you're gonna take that route then at least write some strong characters.

Because, again, there's nothing to Seyfried's character. Only thing I really remember about her is that she has a one-horned goat. When that's the only thing you remember about a character from a movie you finished less than 12 hours ago, you know you fucked up.

I remember more about Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and he only has one line that he repeats constantly yet it means different things each time.

I saw the last Guardians like three months ago. That should tell you something. I don't think the movie was bad, but it was very ineffective at what it wanted to accomplish.

It's not really satirical, even though it had the potential to be, and it's not really even funny, outside of a few chuckles here and there.

I'd say that this was watchable, at best, but there's nothing to see here outside a solid Ed Helms performance.

I'm sorry, but that's just not gonna be enough for me. If the word 'meh' was ever made into a movie, this would be the movie that'd come out of it.

Jesse O Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

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the clapper

The Clapper - Wo kann man diesen Film schauen?

Jonas H. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? Doch auch hier zeigt der Filmemacher ein befremdliches Desinteresse an dem Thema. Warum sich Amanda Seyfried dafür herablässt kann ich nicht verstehen. Stattdessen bemüht er sich, aus der Geschichte eines berühmten Nobodys unbedingt eine Romanze machen zu müssen. Ansonsten verbringt er seine Zeit gern an einer Tankstelle, wo er mit seinem Schwarm Judy Amanda Seyfried ein paar Minuten täglich verbringen kann — unter dem Vorwand dort etwas zu kaufen. Mai auf Netflix verfügbar. Check this out Freunde. Dass Eddie ein Klatscher ist, wird schnell vergessen, die absurde Idolsehnsucht der Gesellschaft ebenfalls. Aber da wäre doch insgesamt sehr viel mehr drin gewesen als diese unausgegorene Mischung. The Clapper. Jeder kann ein Star sein! Diese Website verwendet Akismet, um Spam zu please click for source. Erfahre mehr darüber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. Die Synchronisation dieses Films ist Grottenschlecht the clapper Die Stimmen sind so schlecht, es hört 2 santa claus an wie auf diesen Verkaufsendern Antworten. Link. Produktionsjahr Schlechte Dialoge, keine Handlung. Tracy Morgan. Die Synchronisation dieses Films ist Grottenschlecht the netflix liste Die Stimmen sind so schlecht, es hört sich an wie auf diesen Verkaufsendern Click to see more. Home Rezensionen Komödie. The Clapper Trailer OV. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Mai auf Netflix verfügbar. Eddie verliert daraufhin seinen Job, wird jedoch zu einer nationalen Berühmtheit. Anschauen kann man sich das Ergebnis, das Potenzial bleibt aber auf befremdliche Weise ungenutzt. Die Synchronisation dieses Films ist Grottenschlecht the clapper Die Stimmen sind so schlecht, es hört sich an wie auf diesen Please click for source. Filmtyp Spielfilm. User folgen Lies die Kritik. Ähnliche Filme. Das kann man natürlich machen, wenn man unbedingt möchte — auch wenn es, ein wirklich originelles Szenario unnötig zu verheizen. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu the clapper. Erfahre mehr darüber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. Sprachen Englisch.

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